Yiwu, located in the heart of Zhejiang Province in eastern China, offers a culinary journey like no other. Renowned for its vibrant food culture, rich flavors, and diverse culinary traditions, Yiwu beckons food enthusiasts from around the globe to indulge in its gastronomic delights. From bustling street markets to elegant restaurants, Yiwu is a paradise for food lovers, offering a tantalizing array of dishes that reflect the region’s agricultural bounty, cultural heritage, and culinary ingenuity.

Yiwu Cuisine

Must-Try Dishes in Yiwu

1. Dongpo Pork (东坡肉)

Description: Dongpo Pork is a renowned dish originating from neighboring Hangzhou but widely enjoyed in Yiwu. It consists of tender, braised pork belly seasoned with soy sauce, sugar, and spices, resulting in melt-in-your-mouth goodness.

Where to Try: Visit local restaurants and eateries in Yiwu that specialize in Zhejiang cuisine to savor authentic Dongpo Pork cooked to perfection.

2. Xiawudong Soup (虾乌冬)

Description: Xiawudong Soup is a popular local specialty featuring handmade noodles served in a flavorful broth made from shrimp and various seafood ingredients. The dish is often garnished with fresh vegetables and herbs for added freshness.

Where to Try: Look for small noodle shops or seafood restaurants in Yiwu’s bustling food markets to enjoy a bowl of comforting Xiawudong Soup bursting with seafood flavors.

3. Yiwu Braised Duck (义乌卤鸭)

Description: Yiwu Braised Duck is a signature dish that showcases the city’s culinary prowess. Tender duck meat is marinated in a savory blend of soy sauce, spices, and herbs, then slowly braised to perfection, resulting in a flavorful and succulent dish.

Where to Try: Head to local restaurants and specialty shops renowned for their braised duck dishes to experience the authentic flavors of Yiwu Braised Duck.

4. Fengshan Tea Scented Eggs (枫山茶香蛋)

Description: Fengshan Tea Scented Eggs are a delightful snack featuring hard-boiled eggs infused with the fragrant aroma of Fengshan tea leaves. The eggs are boiled in a tea-based broth until they absorb the tea’s flavors, resulting in a uniquely aromatic and savory treat.

Where to Try: Look for street vendors or tea houses in Yiwu that offer Fengshan Tea Scented Eggs as a flavorful and nutritious snack option.

Yiwu Famous Restaurants

Here are some of the most famous restaurants that have become culinary landmarks in the city.

1. Yiwu Binwang Night Market

The Yiwu Binwang Night Market is not just a market but a culinary destination in its own right. Here, visitors can find an array of street food stalls offering a wide variety of local delicacies. From savory skewers of grilled meats to steaming bowls of noodle soup, the night market is a paradise for food enthusiasts looking to sample authentic Yiwu cuisine. The vibrant atmosphere, bustling crowds, and tantalizing aromas make dining at the Binwang Night Market an unforgettable experience.

2. Huafeng Seafood Restaurant

For seafood lovers, Huafeng Seafood Restaurant is a must-visit destination in Yiwu. Located near the city center, this restaurant specializes in fresh seafood dishes prepared with locally sourced ingredients. From succulent steamed fish to crispy fried shrimp, Huafeng Seafood Restaurant offers a wide selection of dishes that highlight the delicate flavors of the sea. The elegant ambiance and attentive service make it a popular choice for both locals and tourists alike.

3. Hong Kong East Ocean Seafood Restaurant

As its name suggests, Hong Kong East Ocean Seafood Restaurant brings the flavors of Hong Kong to Yiwu. This upscale restaurant is known for its authentic Cantonese cuisine and fresh seafood dishes. From dim sum to seafood hot pot, the menu features a wide range of traditional Cantonese specialties that are sure to delight diners. With its elegant decor, attentive service, and delicious food, Hong Kong East Ocean Seafood Restaurant offers a dining experience fit for royalty.

4. Laodifang Restaurant

Laodifang Restaurant is a beloved dining establishment in Yiwu, known for its classic Zhejiang cuisine and warm hospitality. The restaurant specializes in traditional dishes made with fresh, locally sourced ingredients. From Dongpo pork to West Lake vinegar fish, Laodifang Restaurant offers a taste of authentic Zhejiang flavors in a cozy and welcoming setting. With its rustic decor and friendly atmosphere, it’s a favorite among locals and visitors alike.

5. Shangri-La Restaurant

For those craving international flavors, Shangri-La Restaurant is the place to be. This upscale dining establishment offers a diverse menu featuring dishes from around the world, including Western classics, Asian specialties, and fusion creations. From juicy steaks to gourmet burgers, Shangri-La Restaurant caters to every taste and preference. The elegant ambiance, impeccable service, and mouthwatering cuisine make it a popular choice for special occasions and celebrations.

Halal Restaurants in Yiwu

Yiwu is home to a multicultural population, including a significant Muslim community. As a result, Yiwu boasts a variety of Halal restaurants offering delicious cuisine that adheres to Islamic dietary laws. Whether you’re craving traditional Chinese Halal dishes or international Muslim cuisine, Yiwu has plenty of options to satisfy your culinary preferences.

1. Aladdin Muslim Restaurant (阿拉丁清真餐厅)

Description: Aladdin Muslim Restaurant is a popular dining establishment in Yiwu known for its authentic Chinese Muslim cuisine. The restaurant offers a diverse menu featuring classic dishes such as hand-pulled noodles, lamb skewers, spicy beef soup, and cumin-spiced lamb chops.

Location: No. 1708 Chouzhou West Road, Yiwu District, Yiwu City, Zhejiang Province, China.

2. Yiwu Muslims’ Halal Restaurant (义乌穆斯林清真餐馆)

Description: Yiwu Muslims’ Halal Restaurant is a well-established eatery that caters to the local Muslim community and visitors alike. The restaurant specializes in Northern Chinese cuisine with a Halal twist, offering an extensive menu of dishes such as hand-pulled noodles, dumplings, stir-fried lamb, and beef hotpot.

Location: No. 165 Chengxin Avenue, Yiwu District, Yiwu City, Zhejiang Province, China.

3. Silk Road Muslim Restaurant (丝绸之路清真餐厅)

Description: Silk Road Muslim Restaurant is a popular dining destination in Yiwu known for its diverse selection of Halal dishes inspired by cuisines along the historic Silk Road. The restaurant offers a fusion of Chinese, Central Asian, and Middle Eastern flavors, with signature dishes including Xinjiang-style lamb skewers, hand-pulled noodles, and Uyghur pilaf.

Location: No. 789 Binwang Road, Yiwu District, Yiwu City, Zhejiang Province, China.

4. Istanbul Turkish Restaurant (伊斯坦布尔土耳其餐厅)

Description: Istanbul Turkish Restaurant is a unique dining establishment in Yiwu that specializes in authentic Turkish cuisine. The restaurant offers a Halal menu featuring a variety of Turkish delights, including kebabs, grilled meats, mezze platters, and baklava desserts, providing a taste of Turkey in the heart of Yiwu.

Location: No. 866 Binwang Road, Yiwu District, Yiwu City, Zhejiang Province, China.

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