How to Sell Products on Wix

Founded in 2006 by Avishai Abrahami, Nadav Abrahami, and Giora Kaplan, Wix is an Israeli-based company headquartered in Tel Aviv. Initially conceived as a platform to allow users to create websites without coding knowledge, Wix has evolved into a comprehensive website building and e-commerce platform. With its intuitive drag-and-drop interface, customizable templates, and robust e-commerce tools, Wix enables individuals and businesses to create professional websites and online stores. As of recent data, Wix powers millions of websites worldwide, catering to a diverse range of users, from small businesses to large enterprises, and solidifying its position as a leading player in the website building and e-commerce industry.

How to Sell Products on Wix

How to Sell Products on Wix

Wix is a popular website builder that allows businesses and individuals to create stunning websites with ease. This guide will take you through the comprehensive steps to sell products on Wix, from setting up your store to managing orders and optimizing for sales.

Setting Up Your Wix Store

Creating a Wix Account

  1. Sign Up or Log In: Visit the Wix website and sign up for a new account or log in to your existing account.
  2. Choose a Template: Select from a variety of templates designed specifically for online stores. Customize the template to suit your brand.

Setting Up Your Store Pages

  1. Home Page: Design your homepage to be visually appealing and welcoming. Include high-quality images, a clear call to action, and highlight popular products.
  2. Product Pages: Create detailed product pages with high-resolution images, product descriptions, pricing, and availability.
  3. About Page: Provide information about your brand, your story, and what sets your products apart.
  4. Contact Page: Include contact information and a form for customers to reach out with questions or concerns.

Adding Products to Your Wix Store

Product Details

  1. Product Name: Choose a clear and descriptive name for each product.
  2. Description: Write detailed descriptions that highlight the features and benefits of your products.
  3. Images: Upload high-quality images from multiple angles.
  4. Pricing: Set competitive prices for your products. Consider offering discounts or sales.

Inventory Management

  1. Stock Levels: Keep track of your inventory and update stock levels regularly.
  2. Variants: Manage different product variants, such as sizes and colors.
  3. SKU: Assign unique stock keeping units (SKU) to each product for easier management.

Setting Up Payment and Shipping

Payment Methods

  1. Wix Payments: Use Wix Payments for seamless transactions.
  2. Third-Party Gateways: Integrate with other payment gateways like PayPal, Stripe, or Square.
  3. Manual Payments: Offer options for manual payments like cash on delivery or bank transfers.

Shipping Options

  1. Domestic Shipping: Set up shipping rates and delivery times for domestic orders.
  2. International Shipping: Configure international shipping rates and policies.
  3. Free Shipping: Consider offering free shipping for orders over a certain amount.

Customizing Your Wix Store

Design and Layout

  1. Themes: Choose a theme that aligns with your brand’s aesthetics.
  2. Fonts and Colors: Customize fonts and colors to match your brand identity.
  3. Responsive Design: Ensure your store looks great on all devices, including mobile phones and tablets.

User Experience

  1. Navigation: Create a user-friendly navigation menu.
  2. Search Functionality: Enable a search bar for easy product finding.
  3. Customer Reviews: Allow customers to leave reviews and ratings.

Marketing and Promoting Your Wix Store

SEO Optimization

  1. Keywords: Conduct keyword research and incorporate relevant keywords into your product titles and descriptions.
  2. Meta Tags: Add meta titles and descriptions to each page.
  3. Alt Text: Use descriptive alt text for all images.

Social Media Marketing

  1. Platforms: Promote your store on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.
  2. Content: Share engaging content, including product photos, videos, and customer testimonials.
  3. Ads: Run paid advertising campaigns to reach a wider audience.

Email Marketing

  1. Newsletter Signup: Add a signup form to your website.
  2. Campaigns: Send regular newsletters with updates, promotions, and new product announcements.
  3. Automations: Set up automated emails for abandoned carts, order confirmations, and follow-ups.

Managing Orders and Customer Service

Order Management

  1. Dashboard: Use the Wix dashboard to manage orders.
  2. Order Status: Update order status from received to shipped and delivered.
  3. Returns and Refunds: Implement a clear returns and refunds policy.

Customer Service

  1. Support Channels: Offer multiple support channels, including email, phone, and live chat.
  2. FAQs: Create a frequently asked questions (FAQs) page to address common queries.
  3. Customer Feedback: Collect and respond to customer feedback to improve your services.

Advanced Features and Integrations

Wix Apps

  1. App Market: Explore the Wix App Market for tools to enhance your store.
  2. Popular Apps: Integrate popular apps like email marketing tools, analytics, and customer support tools.
  3. Custom Apps: Consider developing custom apps for specific needs.

Analytics and Reporting

  1. Google Analytics: Integrate Google Analytics to track visitor behavior and sales performance.
  2. Wix Analytics: Use Wix Analytics for insights into your store’s performance.
  3. Reports: Generate reports on sales, customer demographics, and product performance.

Scaling Your Wix Store

Expanding Product Line

  1. New Products: Regularly introduce new products to keep your store fresh.
  2. Seasonal Items: Offer seasonal products or limited-edition items.
  3. Bundles: Create product bundles or sets to increase average order value.

Enhancing Customer Experience

  1. Loyalty Programs: Implement a loyalty program to reward repeat customers.
  2. Personalization: Use customer data to personalize shopping experiences.
  3. Improved Shipping: Offer faster shipping options or same-day delivery in select areas.

International Expansion

  1. Localization: Translate your website into multiple languages.
  2. Currency Conversion: Enable currency conversion for international customers.
  3. International Marketing: Tailor your marketing efforts to different regions.


Selling products on Wix can be a highly rewarding venture if done correctly. By following this comprehensive guide, you can set up a professional online store, attract and retain customers, and scale your business for long-term success. Always stay updated with the latest trends and tools available on Wix to continually enhance your store’s performance.

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